34 Kim Kardashian Photos That Prove She’s Queen Of Social Media


Selfies have changed the public relations game and no celebrity has utilized them more than Kim Kardashian. Sure, Kim doesn’t need to take a million selfies in order to maintain her fame, but that hasn’t stopped her. In order to celebrate her being informally crowned as the selfie queen we pulled together 34 of her greatest shots. Keep on reading because these are going to blow your mind! You should beware, this sexy celebrity might just break the internet yet again!

34. No Makeup In Paris

Balenciaga. No make up today.

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What better way to celebrate a trip to Paris than by blasting your Instagram feed with your stunning make-up free face? We may question Kim Kardashian’s priorities, but we’ll never question her fashion show event prowess.

33. 45 Million Followers

Kim Kardashian selfies.
Is Instagram a measure for celebrity success? Kim celebrates her 45 million follower mark with another stunning selfie. Since this selfie was uploaded we have seen Kim add another 40 million followers to her Instagram account. Kim is behind Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez in the Instagram follower rankings.

32. Madame Tussaud of London

Kim Kardashian selfies
Can Kim be considered a pro now? Madame Tussaud’s in London paid over $200,00 in order to get a wax figure of Kim for their museum.

31. Selfie-Ception

Kim Kardashian selfies.
Here is a selfie of Kim taking a selfie of Kyle and Kendall taking a selfie of, well, themselves.

30. The Engagement Ring


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Kim shows off her huge AF engagement ring, which Kanye West gave to her when he proposed in the AT&T Park.

29. Breaking the Internet

Kim Kardashian selfies.
Kim Kardashian, without a doubt, knows how to market herself. The photoshoot that this selfie came from is incredible. We wonder what Kanye thought about this?

28. Hey, Yeezus

Kim Kardashian selfies
Normally blurry selfies aren’t worth much, right? Well, a blurry selfie with the biggest name in rap music, and your husband, is a different story. Ye isn’t in a ton of Kim’s stuff so you have to appreciate the selfies that he shows up in!

27. Beach Side

Kim Kardashian selfies
The cumulative net worth of these three women is insane. It’s not often that Kim looks, well, average next to someone else!

26. Crazy Eyes

Kim Kardashian selfies - blue eyes
Okay, so maybe her eyes look more smokin’ than crazy. Still, lesser men than we have been rendered speechless by a look like this! Kim Kardashian’s selfie game is fierce.

25. Kim’s Golden Grill

Kim Kardashian selfies
We’re not sure what exactly is going on in this selfie, but we dig it. Is this technically a grill? Did Kim Kardashian just ‘class up’ the cheesiest jewelry ever? We’re impressed.

24. Oiled Up

Kim Kardashian selfies
We’re sure that Kim is just on the way to some kind of photo shoot. Nobody would just oil themselves up in order to take a selfie. Right, Kim? Right?

23. Power Couple

Kim Kardashian selfies
Kim and Kanye better look out, John and Chrissy are right behind them for most popular power couple!

22. Ultimate Bathroom Selfie

Kim Kardashian selfies
We feel like Kanye doesn’t try quite as hard to dress up. Still, the net worth of this bathroom selfie will make your eyes pop.

21. Kim and Hilary

Two iconic women in one photo. Plus a photobomber!

20. Kim IS Human

Kim Kardashian selfies
Even Kim Kardashian forgets to put on enough sun block sometimes. Still, we don’t look nearly as good when we are burnt up.

19. Kim and North

Kim Kardashian selfies
Kim claims that a friend took this picture while she was passed out with North. Is it wrong that the cynical side of us thinks this photo was staged? Still, Kim and North look the picture of grace and relaxation here as they take a break from being mega stars.

18. Wife of Pablo

Kim Kardashian - Pablo one piece selfie
Kanye West just dropped his long awaited album, The Life of Pablo, and Kim got in the game to help advertise. Here Kim is rocking her Pablo one piece while taking a selfie with, potentially, the world’s largest phone. Great album, great selfie.

17. National Selfie Day

Kim Kardashian selfies - National Selfie Day
The fact that such a Holiday actually exists is beyond us. Still, Kim wouldn’t be caught dead missing out on National Selfie Day. How many bikinis does this woman have?

16. The Kardashian Ride

Kim Kardashian selfies
We’re sure that Kim has more cars than she can count. Still, it’s nice to grab a photo with one of your vintage pink automobile’s sometime — right? Kim is channeling some serious Marilyn Monroe in this shot.

15. Kim and Kylie

Kim Kardashian selfies
Kylie Jenner has been having the kind of year that creates superstars. Kim better watch out or her sister is going to be overtaking her here soon! Kylie is already looking to catch up with Kim on Instagram! Kylie has 80 million followers to her name at the time of this writing.

14. Kim’s Bizarre Underwear

Kim Kardashian selfies
We’re going to be honest: as a guy we have no idea what’s going on here. Is Kim honing in on some sort of Barbie Doll style outfit? Is this nude underwear made out of plastic? What’s going on?

13. Sisters

Kim Kardashian selfies

Even when your family is larger than life, they are still your family. Kim ‘squads up’ with all of her sisters for one epic selfie.

12. All White Everything

Kim Kardashian selfies

Kim looks the portrait of class in this shot. Head to toe, everything is bright and white which makes her features look even more angelic. The magic is ruined a little bit when you realize that Kim probably made Kanye take this picture 1,000 times. Sorry, Ye.

11. Kim Loves Kim

Kim Kardashian selfies - Kim "licks" her own butt.

Let’s just say that Kim Kardashian was pretty excited to make it into GQ. So excited, in fact, that the selfie queen had to take a selfie with her own portrait. The passion is real, ladies and gentlemen.

10. Kim + Cornrows

Kim Kardashian's selfies with Kanye

Kim looks positively fierce while on vacation. Oh, the things you can do if you are a Kardashian. The last time we had #VacayVibez (as Kim captioned) we were bellied up to a crab shack bar.

9. Kim and Kanye = DRUNK


It was this selfie that prompted friends to try and take Kim’s phone away. Apparently they thought Kim was drunk and that she was going to do some damage to herself! Don’t they know that Kim’s selfies always come out well?

8. Snacks

Kim Kardashian selfies

We’re not entirely sure what the photographer was going for in this shot. Oh wait, yeah we are. Kim definitely knows what she’s doing while working the angles!

7. Wedding Vibes

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West selfies

Kim and Kanye make an appearance at the LIV NIghtclub for the wedding of David Grutman and Isabela Rangel. They almost look like your normal, everyday couple in this shot.

6. Kim and Cait

Kim Kardashian selfies

For awhile it was Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, who was stealing all of the headlines for the Kardashian family. Don’t worry though, Kim’s right back on top.

5. Most Epic Musical Selfie

Kim Kardashian selfies with power couples


Kim and Kanye. Jay-Z and Beyonce. P-Diddy. What’s there to say about this picture that can’t be summed up in a single word: wow. Kim Kanye uploaded this fame shattering selfie to Instagram and immediately raked in some serious coverage because of it. Way to go, girl.

4. Pregnancy Squad

The real troop Beverly Hills

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This group photo of Kim and her childhood friends in matching pajamas.

3. Kim Blasts the Haters

Kim Kardashian selfies

In a rare turn of events, Kim had a reason for taking her selfie. This shot stirred up some controversy but Kim didn’t care. She lashed out on all of the reporters who were calling her too fat because she was pregnant. Kim used her platform to strike out against body shaming, and she nailed it.

2. The Big Day

Kim Kardashian's Dress-fitting selfie

If you are going to buy a wedding dress worth nearly $500,000 then you might as well get as many selfie shots out of it as possible. Kim sent out this picture roughly a month before her wedding with Kanye. Sure, the surprise may have been gone but Kanye most definitely still got the bill.

1. The Family Photo


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Perhaps it’s surprising, but it’s probably one of Kim’s most popular photos — A family photo of the Kardashian-Wests. This photo comes weeks after the Paris robbery incident which stirred a controversy in Hollywood and caused Kim to retreat from the limelight.


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