Kesha Got Us Bawling Like Babies In Her Grammys Performance


Kesha brought the house down during her Grammy Awards Performance, alongside other powerful singers like Cyndi Lauper, Bebe Rexha, Julia Michaels, Camila Cabello, Andra Day and others.

The singer, who had recently released her new album belted out her single entitled, “Praying,” which is about learning to be strong and growing as a person following years of sexual abuse that she experienced at the hands of music producer, DJ Luke.

The performance was moving, powerful and heart-wrenching all at the same time, especially in light of the Time’s Up movement, which supports victims of sexual assault and abuse in Hollywood and in all industries across the world.

After getting a standing ovation, as her fellow artists wiped tears from their eyes, the singer took to Twitter to thank the women who performed on stage with her.

“’After everything you’ve done I can thank you for how strong I have become,’” she wrote, quoting the song. “Thank you to the @RecordingAcad, the women on stage with me tonight, and everyone who has supported me through this whole journey.”

Prior to Kesha’s Grammys performance, actress Janelle Monae introduced her.

“Tonight, I am proud to stand in solidarity as not just an artist, but a young woman, with my fellow sisters in this room who make up the music industry,” Monae said. “And just as we have the power to shape culture, we also have the power to undo a culture that does not serve us well.”

In another tweet, Kesha explained what “Praying” meant to her.

“When I wrote praying, with Ben Abraham and Ryan Lewis, I just felt as if I had gotten a huge weight off of my shoulders,” Kesha wrote on Twitter. “It felt like an emotional raw victory for myself, one step closer to healing. I never could have known what would’ve happened these past few years.”

Last year, she also explained how she came about writing “Praying” and what inspired her.

“This song is about coming to feel empathy for someone else even if they hurt you or scare you. It’s a song about learning to be proud of the person you are even during low moments when you feel alone,” she wrote for Lenny Letter. “It’s also about hoping everyone, even someone who hurt you, can heal.”

“‘Praying’ was written about that moment when the sun starts peeking through the darkest storm clouds, creating the most beautiful rainbow,” Kesha explained. “Once you realize that you will in fact be OK, you want to spread love and healing. If you feel like someone has wronged you, get rid of that hate, because it will just create more negativity.”

THANK YOU, KESHA. We love you!


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