How To Keep Loving Your Job, Even When It’s Hard


Sometimes loving your job is as easy as climbing Mt. Everest.

Like most people, there’s bound to be one thing that you dislike about your current job situation, and unlike some people, we can’t always just up and quit in dramatic fashion, no matter how tempting.

So how can you power through with the current work you have without feeling miserable all the time? ‘Change the way you think about your nine-to-five!’ says Daniel M. Cable, author of Alive at Work, in talks with Cosmopolitan.

Well duh! Why didn’t we think of that before? Just kidding!

But seriously, Cable says that switching up your mindset about being stuck in an office job instead of living out your blogger-travels-around-the-world dreams can keep you sane, and who knows? It might make that job fun and fulfilling.


It’s tempting to haul your cubicle neighbors together for a night out on the town on the regular doing nothing but talk shit about your boss. But if you really think about it, has it changed anything in your situation for the better? And if you aren’t careful, one of your officemates is bound to let something slip.

Amy Cooper Hakim, PhD, coauthor of Working With Difficult People advises that if you need to vent, it’s better to turn to your best to go to your circle outside of work.

“When you need to get it out, speak to an S.O. or a friend outside work,” says Hakim.

People outside of your work environment are most likely able to give an objective perspective of things, and won’t enable your bad trash talking habit.


While it might not be the job of your dreams, your current gig has to have one cool aspect! Maybe it’s near your friend’s place, or just a block away from that cool Korean barbecue joint, or the fact that you don’t need to commute to get there.

“When you look for something to be grateful for, your workday becomes so much better,” says Hakim.  


Hakim suggests setting small, specific workplace attitude goals that are measurable, and when you achieve them, treat time!

Cosmo suggests challenging yourself to not complain out loud for a week or not to roll your eyes when your boss asks you to do something you think is pointless. If you found you hit these marks, buy a bath bomb, go get that fancy facial treatment, or even just an afternoon frap,

“We’re more likely to complete tasks if we know there’s a reward at the end,” says Hakim.


Been feeling bored and unfulfilled because you finished early on that task they gave you a month’s deadline for, and won’t be working on anything else for a while? Then get proactive!

Look for ways to expand your responsibilities, says Hakim.

Showing initiative doesn’t only give you possible promotion points, but having fresh, new tasks on your plate is a good motivator to show ‘em what you got, and to not resent your current job situation for not handing you tasks on a plate.


Instead of gathering up the office friends for boozy venting sessions, why not engage in something more active? You’ll get the frustrations out, and exercise while you’re at it.

Having something active and healthy to do after work (and sticking to it!) gives you an overall health boost, and quiets your mind too as you remind yourself that you are more than just your job, says Hakim.


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