Katy Perry Reveals Who Inspired ‘The One That Got Away’ And It’s Not John Mayer


Sorry, John Mayer and Orlando Bloom, but Katy Perry’s most popular song (IMHO) was not inspired by you!

As a part of her four-day live streaming called Witness World Wide, Katy Perry was joined by James Corden in a game of Truth Or Dare where the talk show host was able to coax some pretty personal information out of the “Swish, Swish” singer.

The Truth Or Dare game (called Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts) involved eating some disgusting things like cow tongue, a thousand year old egg and pig’s foot. Naturally, when asked to rate her exes based on their love-making, Perry reluctantly chose to answer.

“NOOO!” she said, before ranking John Mayer at the top spot, then Orlando Bloom and lastly, Diplo.

“They’re all amazing lovers and I would have sex with all of them after I got out of this place!” Perry joked.

But the “California Girls” singer wanted to talk about something else than her exes – she was ready to reveal who inspired her song, “The One That Got Away.”

“People are say, ‘Who Is The One That Got Away about?’” Perry said. “That’s [Josh] Groban.”

She added, “He’s one of my good friends. I love him so much. He’s the best.”

OH EM ACA-GEE. Like us, you probably had no clue. But apparently, Josh Groban hinted at their short-lived romance in an interview a few years ago!

“We’re very good friends. We met before her first album was even released and we hit it off because we’re both goofballs,” Groban told Details in 2013. “We might have skated on the line of dating.”


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