Kanye West is a Kanye Mess: The Chronological Breakdown of Kanye West’s Mental Health!



Kanye West, what are we going to do with you? Kanye is without a doubt one of the greatest minds in the world of music — he’s a living legend. Unfortunately, Yeezus doesn’t let his work stand on its own. Kanye has been a hard-to-miss part of the pop culture landscape for years and his high profile marriage to Kim Kardashian has done nothing to diminish that fact. Recently the 808’s & Heartbreak star was hospitalized following a bizarre on stage meltdown. It was soon revealed that Kanye was struggling with intense paranoia while exhibiting signs of a complete mental breakdown. Is this more of just ‘Kanye being Kanye’ or is something deeper going on beneath the surface? Listed below you’ll find 28 quick hitting facts detailing Kanye West’s struggles, controversies, and the descent to his latest mental breakdown.

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