Kaguya And Breaking Stereotypes About Asian Women


While many women of color are successfully gaining representation in mainstream media, it’s still usually a specific type: skinny, long hair, and meek-longing, especially in the case of Asian women.

Imagine how that perpetuates stereotypes of Asian women and how damaging it can be to girls who don’t fit in that box.

Enter Kaguya, a body-positive artist and model working her magic on Instagram and YouTube; sharing her beautifully themed photos and videos, and even just little snapshots of what she’s up to on any given day.

She writes that she didn’t come into the body positive movement looking to be a heroine for others, and mostly started photographing herself as an exploration of her own emotions and insecurities.

Lucky for us the woman is a generous one, or else we wouldn’t have her little corner on Instagram where thousands of women write to her daily about how they found the motivation to explore aspects of themselves they thought they never could, and it was all because of Kaguya.

She says that now, with her new audience and different platforms, she is especially keen on representing bigger, curvier Asian girls; because let’s face it, mainstream media aren’t especially keen on bigger women, much less if they were people of color.

Kaguya is also a proud moderator over at @effyourbeautystandards, a page dedicated to showcasing beauty across all sexes, bodies, ethnicities, and regardless of disability. It’s also founded by another body positive role model; author, model, and momma Tess Holiday.

But ultimately, Kaguya shares that she has her bad days too, but what is important is how she keeps powering through.

Kaguya, you are fabulous, gurl!


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