I Just Turned 27 And Lemme Give You A Rundown


Hi! Your average, everyday, one-among-billions who just had a birthday today here — you just hit year 27 on this Earth, what do you do?!

I most recently just neared the age where I can officially say I’m pushing the big 3-0, and thought it would be fun to give you a little low-down on some insights I’ve learned for myself as I try to navigate my 20s.

First off, you need start thinking of your health

I know, not fun! But when I feel the knocking on my knees, and supporting my weight on my wrist as I attempt to stand up from the floor starts to not feel as nice or easy as before, I know I’ve come to the early stages of needing to watch my health, so that I don’t end up sickly when I get older.

…but let that never be a reason for self-loathing

When you start to notice the little signs that your body isn’t as fast as it was with the junk food as before, or that you seem to be moving up dress sizes a little too fast in the past year or so, it can be easy to muddle caring for your health with the mindset that you need to hate where you are now before you can be happy at a certain size, weight, or figure. Don’t fall for that!

You need to appreciate the slow changes that small, consistent changes to your lifestyle will eventually effect; instead of looking for that quick fix because you have to fix something now now now, or you’ll never be happy.

You seriously need to look into other ways to earn.

Hey, even those with Fortune500 salaries keep trying to branch out! Nowadays, it just isn’t realistic to depend on one source of income, and no, finding a partner thinking it will ease up on your finances isn’t the trick either. (Hey, it’s archaic but it happens! And they have their own lives to live.) Maybe it’s cashing in on a talent, or turning your hobbies into a money-making avenue, the world (and the Internet) is your oyster, so get those brain juices flowing and think about how you can increase your earning power.

Take care of your teeth.

Honey, it’s you and those final set of chompers for life. While there are of course, procedures to salvage even the most rotted of enamel, nothing beats having a strong foundation of real teeth to anchor whatever changes you might want to make further down the road.

And on that note, your skin too!

As with teeth, while there are countless procedures and products to cover up with, or to zap a zit to kingdom come, a great base always starts with solid skincare. Practice your cleanse, tone, and moisturize in the morning and at night, take off your makeup, and don’t forget to treat yourself to something a little extra every other week or so; like serums, face masks, and the like. Don’t be shy with your dermatologist either!

And as if you haven’t read enough, drinking a ton of water helps with flushing out the gunk in your system that might be contributing to your skin problems.


Anyway, that’s pretty much all I can offer up right now as a wizened old 20something, because relationships and how you deal with people, hoooo honey, I’m still navigating that confusing-ass road myself.


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