John Mayer Has Something To Say About The Keaton Jones Fiasco


Over the weekend, a video went around of an adorable little boy named Keaton Jones begging through tears for his bullies to leave him alone.

Keaton Jones details how kids at his school make fun of his nose, and since then, celebrities have spoken in support of the boy and his family, and there’s even a GoFund Me account set up in his name.

But as the Internet does, it did a little snooping around and found that Kimberly, Keaton’s mom, has posted hateful, racist material before her son’s viral tearful anti-bullying plea, and allegation even arose that the reason some kids at school had been targeting Keaton was because he would go around calling black children the ‘n’ word. More on that here, too.

Their GoFund page has also been taken down after concerns against Kimberly arose.

This has had a polarizing effect on people, especially since everyone meant well when they shared, reposted, donated, and echoed the young boy’s sentiment.

Among them is also crooner John Mayer, who has a few thoughts on how the situation played out:

He gives a good point at pointing out the grey area of the situation. Usually, when we are confronted with the image of a young boy crying about something that is relatable to most of us, most of the time that is the only imagery we stick. It is immediately an issue with just two sides: the bullied and his cruel bullies.

We get into a frenzy of justification or mortification or both when we then find out that not all is rosy and innocent with the bullied boy and his family; and the unified take begins to splinter under its own weight.

“In many ways it’s the perfect example of how we’ve come to create completely synthetic experiences in 2017,” Mayer said.

We wonder what’s next to come out of this noble cause turned upside down?

Hopefully though, if the background around the Jones family is true, we hope the children detach themselves from hateful rhetoric and examine the various people of all cultures and backgrounds who’ve come out in support of Keaton’s bullying plight.


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