Jennifer Fights Mother Nature With Abba Songs


Jennifer Garner sang Abba songs (or tried to!) to keep calm as she and daughter were swept out to sea.

You know Jennifer Garner: bad-ass, hottie, and an absolute sweetheart on most of her media appearances.


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Turns out, she’s also incredibly optimistic and tried to sing songs from Mamma Mia as she and her eldest daughter, Violet, were nearly swept out to sea during an outing in Sweden.

You read that right!

Garner, who is a mom of three, detailed her misadventure on The Tonight Show.

She said she and Violet were in Sweden for a research project for the little girl’s school work, and decided to go off the beaten path for their mommy-and-me time.

Everything was going well enough, when the Juno actress realized they’d been out in the water for longer than she would’ve wanted, and that from quiet boats and the odd passing kayak every now and then, they were encountering huge boats and ships, and bridges for these ships to go under.

Jennifer said Violet pointed out the dingy that marked open water with a casual “Mom, there’s a stop light in the water…”

That meant the open ocean! Eek!

Jennifer said she could feel the current pulling them out further and further, and wanted to make light of the situation (although who isn’t having palpitations by now though for real?) by singing Mamma Mia songs.

“I was just like la la la let’s sing Mamma Mia, we’re in Sweden!” she told visibly amused host Jimmy Fallon.
Luckily for them though, rescuers were quick to spot the duo and were immediately able to send someone out there to fetch them.

“Then suddenly we saw this blonde human with the sun behind him like a halo and he was coming to our rescue. I will never forget Matias!” Garner said.

How’s that for an adventure at such a tender age, Violet?

You can watch the whole Jennifer Garner-trademark adorably told story here:


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