This ‘Jelly Beam’ Highlighter Might Just Level Up Your Makeup Game


First, Unicorn Essence; Now, “Jelly Beam” highlighters?  Yes please!

With the advent of powders, ‘baked’ products, liquid to powder formulations, and even cream to powder formulation, is there a space left for innovation in the beauty world or have we seen it all?

Farsali, the skincare brand known for its Unicorn Essence serum, has a surprise for those of us who are always looking for the new thing: a highlighter and body illuminator in jelly form!

Dubbed the Jelly Beam, the product promises a ‘wet-satin’ finish for a luminous, or blinding (if that’s your thing) glow.

“It’s unique Jelly consistency is due to the Farsali skincare DNA–which will keep your skin hydrated and protected from free radical damage, while you beam at the same time!” the skincare brand promised. “It’s oil free, talc free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and of course BEAMING!”

According to their Instagram profile, the highlighter applies in jelly form but sets on to your skin with a powder finish. The Jelly Beam drops on on November 1st. Excited?


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