Jeff Goldblum Is The Only Silver-Haired Fox We Need


There are a multitude of actors out there who can have some sort of claim to being a silver fox, you know, those matinee idols who have managed to age gracefully despite the excesses Hollywood can bring.

But no one seems as revered by both the mainstream and the indie set than Jeff Goldblum; he who manages to stand out, yet blend in seamlessly into the movies he’s thrust in. He seeks to upstage no one really, but actually manages to do it (think the box office tragedy that was Mortdecai)  without being cringe-y. He just manages to do it in his own Jeff Goldblum-y way.

It would seem a great injustice to only bring his decades long acting career to light now that he was featured in the Marvel extravaganza that was this month’s Thor: Ragnarok, but truth is, Jeff has always been around.

From your friendly Apple anchor in the 90’s, then to speaking for Paypal in 2012 and GE in 2014,  he’s managed to dip his toes in the commercial, while maintaining the seemingly cool status that starring in a bunch of obscure Wes Anderson films can bring.

And luckily, Vice is as obsessed with Jeff through the years as we are, probably enough to invest in this piece of bathroom art, and to be honest, nobody here is judging.

But for timing’s sake, let’s read a bit about how Goldblum isn’t your average “battling a Norse family of gods” villain:

“He’s so much a personality actor that it takes a suspension of disbelief just to trust that his character in Ragnarok, The Grand Master, isn’t just Jeff Goldblum, golding the hell out in a damn gold bathrobe. He still isn’t the kind to take a single line of dialog and go from point A to B without adding an “ugh”, and is still cheesy enough to put the “ass” on a Norse god’s mention of Asgard,” says Vice writer Noel Ransome.

“Yes, The Grandmaster has something you can call a backstory about some galactic ruler with a fascination around games and manipulation like many of Jeff’s past characters; but in the end, it isn’t about that shit. It’s about Goldblum’s authentic, fingers-to-lips personality that almost always overrides it all.”

True, there are actors whose careers are made out of them portraying characters, but at this point in time in his career, it’s Goldblum being Goldblum; whether he’s  a fly-by-night jazz pianist, Australian food truck owner, or National Geographic host; that makes the character, and not the other way around.

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