Japan’s Princess Mako Announced She Is Postponing Her Wedding


Turns out, royal millennials aren’t at all different, but it looks like Japan’s Princess Mako had time to take a breather.

Ah, young love! Anybody in love will know that impulsive feeling you get where you just want to throw caution to the wind, be with the one you love, and hope that both of you will turn out alright and together in the end.

She announced on Tuesday that she was postponing her wedding to fiancé Kei Komuro, a regular Japanese citizen, and moving it to 2020 to give them ‘more time to plan.’

They felt it would also be appropriate as to not overshadow the abdication of the throne by her grandfather, the Emperor Akihito; on April 30 next year. The 84-year-old ruler will be succeeded by his eldest son Crown Prince Naruhito to the Chrysanthemum throne the next day.

All surely very big events not just for the family, but for the nation!

It was a very mature move then from the princess to take a long moment to think about the series of state occasions for her family and set aside her plans.     

A report from CNN revealed that the couple admitted they had “rushed carious things” and needed more time to prepare, as royal weddings aren’t just a walk down the aisle. (lol)

“I wish to think about marriage more deeply and concretely and give sufficient time to prepare our marriage and for after the marriage,” the princess, eldest daughter of Crown Prince Akishino, said in her statement.

The couple also apologized to the nation: “We feel extremely sorry for causing great trouble and a further burden to those who have willingly supported us.”

The couple, who started dating in 2012 first announced their engagement in early September.

However, her marriage to Komuro will mean she will be stripped of her royal title and live married life as a commoner.

Princess Mako is the emperor’s oldest grandchild.


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