Ivanka Trump Gets Burned On Twitter For Her Grammar


Presidential Daughter , entrepreneur and highly controversial Ivanka Trump has a life certainly enviable in most cases, but being in the public eye and daughter of Donald Trump, who as you may know has been called many  undesirable things, Ivanka gets into trouble a lot of the time too, especially in this age of social media.

While we’re not saying that she should be perfect because no one is, Ivanka certainly had critics on her heels after she posted a picture of her carrying her nephew but included an elementary school mistake.

Spot it?

Ofcourse, who else to come for the Trumps but fan favorite Chrissy Teigen?  The supermodel mom didn’t say anything snarky about Ivanka or the baby, but she did really want to do everyone, especially Ivanka, a favor and corrected her grammar.

Buzzfeed meanwhile, instead of readily agreeing with Chrissy, consulted the ~~*professionals*~~:

“In this context, ‘otherwise’ is an adverb that means ‘in other respects’ or ‘apart from that’ — you generally use it to say something is true, except for the thing you’ve just mentioned. So, yes, Ivanka said that seeing her nephew was ‘the best,’ but the rest of her day was actually incredible,” said BuzzFeed’s Copy Chief Megan Paolone, in breaking down where exactly Ivanka went so wrong with her tweet.

So there you go!

Aside from being a supermodel, rocking mom, hilarious and loving wife to crooner John Legend, host extraordinaire, best-selling author, and inventive cook, Chrissy also has the makings of a grammarian.

But really, didn’t we all kind of see the gaffe in Ivanka’s tweet?


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