You Haven’t Seen Half Of The Terrifying Things In ‘IT’ Movie


Spoilers! By the time you read this the Stephen King thriller IT will have come out with its 2017 revamp, but if you followed the book, you know there were some scenes in there that can’t exactly be screened at theaters across the nation.

IT director Andy Muschietti in an interview  said he already had to cut some pretty graphic images from the movie, like children’s corpses and some body parts lying around (yikes!), but he really had to work his way around the part of the book where the Losers Club find themselves in the sewers, lair of the terrifying, child-gobbling Pennywise, and the only girl in the group offers to have sex with all of them as an act of unity, a way to keep them all together.

Sounds head scratching and unnecessary? Muschietti thinks so too.

“Well, I think the whole story is a bit of a— approaches the theme of growing up, and the group sex episode in the book is a bit of a metaphor of the end of childhood and into adulthood.”

“And I don’t think it was really needed in the movie, apart that it was very hard to allow us to shoot an orgy in the movie so, I didn’t think it was necessary because the story itself is a bit of a journey, and it illustrates that,” he adds.

While it’s a coming of age movie of sorts, can you imagine the adorable and super talented Finn Wolfhard having to get down in a place that is literally dirty? Nooooo!

“And in the end, the replacement for it is the scene with the blood oath, where everyone sort of says goodbye. Spoiler. The blood oath scene is there and it’s the last time they see each other as a group. It’s unspoken,” said Muschietti.

“And they don’t know it, but it’s a bit of a foreboding that this is the last time, and being together was a bit of a necessity to beat the monster. Now that the monster recedes, they don’t need to be together. And also because their childhood is ending, and their adulthood is starting. And that’s the bittersweet moment of that sequence.”

A sequel depicting the second half of the book when the Losers Club as adults will begin production next year.  


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