Two Inmates Escape During Lunch With The Pope


Guess if some people see a window of opportunity, they take it: earlier this month, two Italian inmates used a lunch event with Pope Francis in Bologna to make a break for it.

According to the Aleteia, the pope attended the event at the historic Basilica of San Petronio with 20 inmates of a prison near Modena. Volunteers at the event realized however, that before lasagna was even served, two inmates left the table in the midst of the preparations.

The event also had more than a thousand attendees coming from different institutions.

They immediately alerted local police however, and while they are still at large, police have encouraged the public in finding the escapees.

The men, aged 41 and 42 reportedly have drug dealing records, and were identified as Neapolitans and were housed in Castelfranco Emilia, a social reintegration facility.

It is also the name of a town and commune in Italy in the province of Modena, region of Emilia-Romagna. The town lies about 25 kilometres northwest of Bologna.

The Aleteia adds that there are two groups housed in Castelfranco Emilia: drug addicts and people who require supervision for being a danger to public safety.

While the situation may seem comical, the men are still facing criminal sentences and ofcourse, have to face the full hand of the law.

Neither the Vatican or the Pope have released any official statements on the matter to the news or on their social media, but the Pope had made mercy as one of the themes of his papacy and regularly meets prisoners on his trips outside the Vatican.

Meanwhile, the DW adds that the Pope has long advocated for the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners into society, and regularly visits with and holds activities that for marginalized communities.



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