Mom Had 3-Week Orgasms After Giving Birth Thanks To Hypno-Birthing



The general presumption towards giving birth is that it’s excruciating, painful, miserable, exhausting, torturous and other negative words you can think of until that baby pops out of one’s vagina and the world is restored rather more beautifully than before.

A British mom, however, had a very different experience giving birth to her four children.

Emily Street, a midwife and consultant for U.K. fertility clinic Reproductive Health Group, had a rather “pleasant experience” in childbirth, all thanks to hypno-birthing.

According to the 35-year-old mom, she experienced orgasm-like sensations each and every time she gave birth to her four children. And this continued three weeks after going into labor.

“People think that hypnobirthing is this airy-fairy, hippie, new age thing, but it’s really not. It’s a real, back to basics principle,” Street explained told Cosmopolitan.

She adds that unlike other women’s experience in childbirth, hers was painless.

“Giving birth was nothing more than uncomfortable. There was no pain in the traditional sense,” she said.

“The euphoria that I felt after my birth was very, very close to [an orgasm]sensation,” Street explained, “but which lasted for three or four weeks as opposed to something that’s very intense for a short amount of time.”

While she was pregnant with her first child, Street enrolled on a three-part hypno-birthing course where she learned to take things slowly and steadily, practicing slow breathing as opposed to hyperventilating, which is what hospitals teach pregnant women.


“Rather than taking deep breaths in and tightening up, you take really nice long, slow breaths, with the lights down and the music playing,” Street said.

According to Street, slow breathing helps the muscles in the uterus relax, decreasing stress on the baby and makes way for an easier labor.

While giving birth, Street requested for a quiet environment so she could focus more on her body.

“I’d asked for talking to be kept to a minimum so that I could really focus — I certainly didn’t want someone shouting, ‘Push! Push! Push!'” she recounted.

Street added that “she loved every minute of being in labor” and that she never felt anything more amazing.


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