Knock-Off, Back Off! — How To Spot A Fake Kylie Lip Kit


Fake Kylie Lip Kit

Fake Kylie Lip Kit products are for sale everywhere! But be warned: There are Lip Kit by Kylie knock-offs everywhere that might pose a dangerous threat to your health.

Recently, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan warned her fans about fake Kylie Lip Kits that have littered online markets like Ebay.

There are also fake websites that have cropped up, looking almost identical to, the only legit place where you can buy Kylie Jenner’s in-demand lip products.

Some of fans who have bought these fake Kylie Lip Kits have complained about the products containing glue and some laced with gasoline.

“I want to be really, really clear and let you guys know that the only place to get my products is,” Kylie Jenner announced, following the complaints. “Everywhere else is fake.”

With the popularity of Lip Kit by Kylie, it’s rather inevitable that people would try to imitate it and sell it to unsuspecting consumers for a cheaper price. So how do we sort out the Lip Kit knock-offs from the real ones? Here are some tips to spot fake Kylie Lip Kits.


1) Check The Box


The label or the box is the most upfront way you can check whether your Lip Kit is original or fake.  As Style Vanity points out, the original Lip Kit by Kylie box has the item’s shade on the top and sides of the box. The lip photo is also placed a little higher on the box while the fake ones have it a little on the middle.

Meanwhile, if you’re buying Lip Kits by the bulk, you should know the original box is square, unlike the fakes ones that are rectangular. The latest box design should also have a silver “KYLIE” printed on the inside with the website and white dripping graphic above. However, there are no prints or designs on the outside of the box.

Fake Kylie Lip Kit

2) Check The Brush And Bottle

Fake Kylie Lip Kit

Authentic Kylie Lip Kits should have a smaller, rounder brush (as shown below). Meanwhile, the bottle should have a white, translucent stopper unlike fake ones that have an all-white stopper at the opening of the bottle.

Fake Lip Kit by Kylie

3) Check The “Thank You” Note

Fake Kylie Lip Kit note

While some fake Kylie Lip Kits could be hard to spot, there are tiny differences that could help you out. For example, fake ones usually have a “Thank You” note the size of a business card, with the dripping lip design at the back. However, the authentic note should be the size of a post card.

4) Check The Lip Liner

Lip liner from Fake Kylie Lip Kit

Fake Kylie lip liners are noticeably longer than the authentic ones and have a round butt. There are also reports of knock-off lip liners that do not rotate to push out more of the liner once it runs out. So you’re basically just buying a stick with a tiny bit of liner at the end as an illusion.


There are tons of ways to sort out the fake from the faux. You can search tons of information online before buying and make sure you’re getting them from the official website itself or from legit online sellers only.

Fake Kylie Lip Kit


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