How Dua Lipa Made It: Five Things You Need To Know


Dua Lipa is set to storm the ‘The Voice’ season 14 finale stage on and perform her hit ‘IDGAF.’

But before we tune in to what is for sure going to be a fire performance, here’s a few tidbits to know about the insanely beautiful British brunette, as compiled by Hollywood Life:

1.She started her singing career on Youtube

At just 14, the now 22-year old began posting covers of her favorite songs on YouTube. She released her first single “New Love” in Aug. 2015 and dropped her self-titled debut album in 2017. With the smash hit “New Rules,” Dua Lipa became the first female solo artist to reach the top of the charts in the UK since Adele’s smash hit “Hello.” The “New Rules” music video has over 1 billion views on YouTube.


2. She moved to London at 15 to pursue her career

While she was born and raised in London, her family moved to Pristina, Kosovo, when she was 11. She moved out of her house at 15 and headed back to the UK by herself to pursue a singing career, according to London’s Standard.

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3. She’s toured extensively before her come up

Before coming into her own, she’s been the opening act for tours of artists like Troye Sivan, Bruno Mars, and Coldplay. She’s branched out on her own tours as well.


4. She adores working with Calvin Harris

Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris released the collaboration, “One Kiss,” in April 2018, and became an instant hit.

“What [Harris] does,” she told Billboard, “[Is that] he just has fun with everything he does and nothing really sounds like something that you’ve heard before. I think with him, and what you see from all his previous songs, is that everything’s constantly evolving and that you should never be afraid to change.”

Secure the bag

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5. She might be recording the new Bond theme song

There are rumors she’s recording the new Bond: 25 theme song, with the movie set to be released next year. Being the artist to a theme song for a movie is a huge deal, as proven by previous Bond movie artists Adele (Skyfall) and Sam Smith (Writings on the Wall).

There are rumors, but Dua revealed she hasn’t recorded anything yet. “I don’t know,” she told Billboard. “I would love to do it, but I’m not recording it…so far…I don’t want to jinx it. I would love to do it.”


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