Here’s What Designer Hervé Pierre Noticed About FLOTUS Melania Trump


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Melania Trump, the new First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) is bringing her brand of fashion into the most powerful household in the country, the White House. While we have yet to hear about her plans, advocacies and worthwhile causes that she might want to work with, her most defining quality as of now is her taste in fashion.

And there is one person who helped Mrs. Trump during the inauguration ball — Hervé Pierre, a French fashion designer who until recently, average Janes and Joes like us, haven’t even heard of.

In an interview with The New York Times, Pierre described the moment Melania Trump asked him to make her a gown.

On Jan. 3, Pierre recounted, he received a text message from Mrs. Trump, who got his number through friends.

“I have a favor to ask,” Mrs. Trump’s message read, according to Pierre. “Would it be possible in this kind of time frame for you to design my gown?”

The words shocked the New York based designer.

“I almost dropped the phone,” he said.

But later that day, he found himself in the presence of the former supermodel-turned-first-lady, who already had a clear vision of what she wanted to wear during the inauguration ball – modern, sleek and form-fitting.

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Pierre further described Mrs. Trump as someone who was much focused on the work at hand. And while they worked at the Trump Tower in New York where she lived, there was one thing Pierre noticed:

“Each time I met with her, we were alone,” the designer said. “I never saw a maid. And never once did she look at her phone.”

And the rest, they say is history. The day after Pierre’s inauguration gown debuted and the entire world saw his work, his phone have been ringing off the hook.

However, Pierre does not plan to introduce a label anytime soon, not while she’s going to dress Mrs. Trump for the next four years.

“If I work in shadows, it’s because I know how to park my ego,” he said. “You can’t have an ego designing for the first lady.”


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