Here’s How To Survive The Summer Heat Southern Style


Here’s some top tips to survive the humid summer, from a Southern expert.

While summers in the south have long inspired authors to describe glistening skin and sweet tea by the porch, they obviously didn’t take into account just how dang hot it can be, and how sticky most Southerners feel by the end of the day.
That said, let true-blue Southerner Allyson Payer give her top tips to managing the humid summer heat in these parts.

“Wearing the wrong thing during the summer in the South will make or break you. I’ve learned from the unfortunate mistake of wearing the wrong type of fabric over the years and now know exactly how to avoid being suffocated by my clothes when both the heat and humidity are at 100,” Payer said in her feature for Who What Wear.

She recommends fabrics like linen, eyelet, silk, and poplin for your wardrobe, because duh, air flow is key to survival, and if your summer wardrobe can survive the summer season in the South, “your wardrobe can pass the test anywhere,” she adds.

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While dresses and shorts are an obvious summer choice, you can also incorporate these breezy fabrics into ‘smarter’ or business-appropriate dressing. The choices are endless and have fun!


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