Here’s Why You Should Get Excited About DNA Sunscreen


Ahhh, the 21st century brought us Facebook, Uber and soon, DNA sunscreen.

We’ve been told since childhood to wear sunscreen everyday – it’s supposed to protect us from the Ultra Violet Rays (UV) of the sun and prevent adverse skin problems like skin cancer.

But sunscreens can only do so much. However, a new study published in Scientific Reports, says there could be a new kind of sunscreen that protects skin ten times more efficiently than regular ones.

Authors of the study from Binghamton University discovered that cross-linked DNA molecules can block UV rays effectively when applied as sunscreen.

Researchers created a thin DNA film of salmon sperm and spread it on a piece of glass and then exposed the said film to the sun.

The team found that it blocked 20 percent of UVA light and 90 percent of UVB light.

“We tested many films, and can do the same thing with DNA from other sources,” Guy German, an author of the study, explained to Allure. “We also tested the film water holding capacity on samples of stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of human skin.”

Normally, sunscreen should be applied every 30 minutes for optimal protection. But that’s not the case should DNA sunscreen becomes a thing in the future.

What’s exciting about DNA sunscreen is that the longer the film was exposed to UV light, the stronger it became, which means, more protection.

“Visible light transmission was relatively unaffected,” said German.

It’s truly a revolutionary discovery and it could change the sunscreen industry in a major way. However, to actually develop the said discovery and incorporate it into our cosmetic products could take years, even decades, to perfect.

So, while all that is hanging in the balance, best to stick to your regular sunscreen. For now.


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