Have You Heard About ‘Fire Noodles’? It’s Gonna Tear A Hole Through Your Throat


Ever heard of fire noodles?

If you see a pack of Asian ramen, expect it to be quick-cooking, a little salty, there might even be some spice thrown in there, but if the spice comes with a rating on how hot it’s going to get, you might be in for a trip.

Fire Ramen, or more specifically, the Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen from makers Samyang has caused a stir on the internet with challenges popping up on how much people can scarf down before eventually succumbing to the savoury-sweet, spicy goodness.

The black, red, and yellow packaging adorned with an adorable angry little chicken mascot is cute as Asian packaging goes, but if you spot the spice ratings, it does not play when it wants to deliver the spicy.

The company behind the fiery noodle is Korean, and while South Korea is typically associated with its K-idols, ultra urban image, cute and extremely specific makeup products, theirs is also a culture of extremely savory and spicy food (looking at you, kimchi.)

The noodle’s name in its hometown is Buldak Bokkeum Myeon and rules as the spiciest ramyeon (that’s ramen in Korean for you) available in the Korean market.

The resulting Spicy Noodle Challenge on the internet is hilarious, of course.


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