4 Hair Color Trends For 2017 That Can Be Gorgeous AF


hair color trends 2017

Hear ye! Hear ye! Here are the hair color trends for 2017!

Although 2016 was a big, dark, black hole that sucked the life out from all of us, taking away a lot of things including some of our favorite music artists, athletes and actors, there is one positive thing about 2016 – its hair color trends.

We had grandma hair to unicorn hair to hidden rainbow hair, we couldn’t decide which one was more awesome!

For 2017, colorists and stylists are already making predictions in terms of hair color trends that will make it big. Take inspiration from these celebrities if you ever break up with anyone and need a makeover for 2017.

Nude Hair Color

hair color trends 2017 - jennifer lawrence

First off on our hair color trends 2017 list is the nude hair color. We’ve already seen it from Cara Delevingne and Jennifer Lawrence and needless to say, they rocked it! Nude hair color is basically any hair color that closely matches your skin tone. This gives you a more neutral or natural look and would 100% guarantee look good on you.

Denim Hair

hair color trends 2017 - Maisie Williams

Denim is not our favorite thing to wear but because 2017 is all about taking risks, why not try the denim hair color? A lot of brave souls have already tried this electric blue to pastel blue hair color this year but it may need a little bit more promotion in 2017 for the trend to catch on, if you know what I mean.

Smokey Lilac Hair

hair color trends 2017

Some of the artists who had smokey lilac hair are Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne. It’s basically lilac mixed with some gray and white to create a more subdued and subtle tint. This is perfect for those who want an out-of-this-world hair color without it looking too crazy.

Dusty Rose Hair

hair color trends 2017 - dusty rose hair

Yes, we’ve all seen Kylie Jenner’s rose gold hair. But have you set eyes on a gorgeous dusty rose ‘do? Well, Elle Fanning perfectly transformed her look with this color, abandoning her naturally blonde hair.


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