Goop’s Jade Eggs Couldn’t Prove It Increases ‘Sexual Energy’


The verdict is out: Goop can’t prove its jade eggs are good for vagina health.

If it’s a thing for rich people to get weirder the more money they make, then you probably know that Gwyneth Paltrow’s (hella expensive) lifestyle brand makes some of the weirdest health and beauty claims out there.

Take its jade egg, for one: described to ‘increase sexual energy and pleasure,’ the nephrite jade stone supposedly connects the heart and the yoni for ‘optimal self-love and well-being,’ all yours to stuff into your vag for $66. They’ve also touted it as a way to prevent uterine relapse, and earlier this year just hired scientists and fact checkers to back it up.

Well, now they’ve paid quite dearly for the claim.

Nylon found that Goop forked over $145, 000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office (and nine other CA prosecutors) who argued that the lifestyle brand “sold a series of women’s health products whose advertised medical claims were not supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence.”

The lawsuit also took aim at the brand’s Rose Quartz Egg and Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend.

Back in August, Nylon reported that Goop’s team of researchers were hired to “vet the claims made about products sold on its website and in its editorial content,” and provide customers with “full transparency” as to the products’ ingredients and often outlandish benefits, said Dr. Susan Beck in the report, who joined the Goop team as its senior vice president for science and research.

Dr. Beck has said Goop will help provide adequate testing or drop the product altogether if found to not perform according to its claim.

The research team will also be the one to set standards in the products, and test each product for heavy metals, allergens, microbials, and pesticides.”

While that’s beneficial to have a team of scientists taking a peek at the products that you’re ingesting, they couldn’t prove anything when it came to test the jade egg’s benefits.

Goop will now have to pull the product as the lawsuit demands they not advertise or sell products without the necessary evidences to back it up.

Some items in the store have also had their descriptions tweaked, and the report added that incoming products which have not been properly tested are being placed on hold until they have the proper research documentation.

Goop has already been called out last year for false advertising after claiming its essential oils “help tremendously with chronic issues from anxiety and depression to migraines” and that Edition 02 of the brand’s perfume contains “ingredients that improve memory, treat colds and work as antibiotics.”


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