Going French: How To Pack Your Makeup For A Glamorous Travel


While it’s not a particular stereotype, you’ve got to admit there’s a certain understated elegance to French women whether they’re looking all natural and dewy and youthful, or glammed up and are  just so fiercely chic.

Into The Gloss investigated what it took to have the perfectly “French”, that is: efficient, useful, and just downright glamorous; travel makeup kit (aren’t we all serial over packers in this department?) that can get you looking and feeling like your best self everyday throughout your travels:

“I keep a small translucent bag with all of my liquids in the right format ready to go (I hate waiting for luggage at the airport so I only travel with a carry-on bag). Some of my favorites are in there, but some things are only for travel,” says Sabina Socol.

There are minis from amazing brands that keep your hair from the travel frizzes, and freshen it up after a trans-Atlantic flight that can get your tresses looking a little limp.

“Oh, and a brush. I can’t emphasize this enough. Do you ever realize you forgot to bring a freakin’ brush after you just washed your hair? And then tried to untangle your super thick hair with that mini plastic comb the hotel gives you? No. Never forget to pack your brush,” she advises.

Pick through the following recommendations in a little translucent toiletry bag and you’re good to go:

“The basic of all basics, a face moisturizer. Even if you don’t need much, don’t travel without one. Especially after taking the plane, skin gets so dry,” says Sabina.

“The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser. It’s actually the mini version of the one I use every day when I shower. Why stop when I’m away?” she writes.

“A tiny face mask, which is currently a Kiehl’s Calendula Soothing Hydration Mask sample. This one was left in here by mistake, but I used it when on beach holidays and it proved helpful and nice. Would recommend,” says Sabina.

A face mask up in the air or in your boudoir after a night of wining and dining? Doesn’t it sound so French?

“A tiny version of the make-up remover Bioderma Micellar Water.” Available at your many drugstore counters.

“A concealer—the Glossier one is perfect because it’s tiny and I can apply it with my finger,” those little babes come in

“A cream blush from MAC.” Doesn’t have to be from MAC, but a cream blush allows you to do double duty with your looks: it can be used as a lipstick and eyeshadow too.

“A lipstick—just in case.” Because who wants to look a little washed out? A nice blue-red lip is always a good, instantly dressy option, and you can blot it down with tissue for a softer look.

Whether you’re traveling for work, leisure, or visiting family, make your makeup work for you!


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