How To Go Braless For A Week: Sneaky Ways To Free The Nipple


Most women would probably cringe at the thought of having to go braless for a day, let alone a week, especially if you’re bustier, so this little experiment might not be for everyone.

But if you’re looking to shake things up a bit (pun not intended), then going braless might just be the experience you’re looking for.

Cheekie Albay, a writer for Cosmopolitan in Asia recently tried going braless in her week-long trip in Bangkok, Thailand: from hip metropolis spots to strolling around rural areas, she wrote that while saying tata! to her ta-ta prisons was a liberating experience outside of her native (and considerably conservative) Philippines, going braless was still an experience in knowing when and how to dress appropriately:

Wear something with a tight bodice so your twins aren’t flopping around.

“If it’s a warm day out, you can head out in a tightly-sewn top or dress without worrying that the sisters will be jiggling and spilling out of your top like Jell-O. When the temperature dips, however, pieces like this can make nip pop-ups likely, in which case tip #6 will come in handy. Keep reading.”

Afraid to free-boob in a sheer outfit? Go for a bandeau with no cups instead.

“Underneath the slightly sheer top I’m wearing here is a bandeau that’s really just a strip of cloth held in place by a garter. Clearly, this outfit makes me look about as chesty as a 12-year-old boy, but what I lost in inches I made up for in comfort. Other options are bralettes, tank tops, tube tops, or camisoles that offer an extra layer of cloth between your twins and the outside world, but without suffocating them.”

You can’t go wrong with something loose, dark, and thick.

“Loose clothes tend to just hang down your torso, dark colors are the best at downplaying curves, and thick fabrics just make that single layer between your twins and the outside world more impenetrable. I did realize too late that the top I wore in this photo was made of a shiny, slinky material which creased to accentuate strategic places on my body, but by the time I wore it on Day 6 of my bra-free vacation, I had pretty much forgotten I even had breasts, so whatever.”

Opt for outfits with neckline details that conceal boobage.

“I normally wouldn’t recommend white or anything light-colored when free-boobing it, but since the dress I wore here had flouncy ruffles cascading down the neckline, it lessened the chances of perky nip intrusions. Other boob-concealing details that will work: fringes, patches, embroidery, or giant cheerleader pom-poms if you’re into that sort of thing.”

Go for prints—the busier, the better.

“Prints and patterns camouflage perky nips and breast silhouettes so they don’t stand out the way they would in solid-colored clothing. While the base color of my dress in this photo was white, I was confident enough in the blue tie-dye print to camo away my womanly features so they’re not too offensive to society’s easily-offended eye.”

A scarf will be your new best friend.

“Jackets, cardigans, or vests also help, but I prefer scarves because they’re pretty low-maintenance; just drape them over your shoulders or knot them around the strap of your bag and bam!—they’re just like any old accessory. In this photo, I had on a tight crop top that did prevent jiggling yet failed when it came to random nipple pop-ups—good thing I had a scarf with me for such emergencies. And even if you’ve followed any or all of the tips listed above, a scarf hanging down your chest will offer enough warmth and coverage to your nips so they’re not so goddamn sensitive all the time.”

Overall, while she found herself having to find ways to make her ‘free- boobing’ a little less obvious, Cheekie said there was still a positive takeaway: not having to worry about making them look plump and firm with a bra actually helped her appreciate her breasts more.

“Most of all, I liked the confidence that came with each day I freed my breasts. Just having one less thing to hold me back made me feel that tiny bit more unstoppable.”

Read more about her experience freeing the nipple here.


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