‘Glossier’ Debuts Its First Fragrance Promising To Smell Like ‘You’


Ever felt that disappointment when you caught a whiff of your friend’s perfume, but when you tried it out on yourself, it just didn’t smell the same? Glossier is out here to change that.

Debuting their new offering dubbed the Glossier ‘You’ eau de parfum, it promises to smell good on everyone: yup, none of that male- female gendered nonsense here, but the bottle does come in the signature Glossier pink that its packaging has been known for.

Meet Glossier You—the ultimate personal fragrance. Now available on Glossier.com

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According to their website, You aims to be your ‘ultimate personal fragrance,’ with you  as the main ingredient:

The three base notes melt in with your skin…

Ambrette: comfy, warm

Ambrox: smooth, salty, animalistic

Musk: long-lasting, addictive

And a mix of top notes say “nice to meet you!” without overpowering the base…

Iris root: earthy, green, woody

Pink pepper: spice, sparkling

“You’ll find that You makes a good first impression, and lives up to it as time goes on. Each note was chosen and balanced to allow the juice to be both long-lasting and true to how it smells at the beginning, without changing as it dries down. In other words, it’s heavy on the base notes. Mostly it smells like you: that familiar human-y note that makes up the body of what you’re smelling. Creamy, sparkling, clean, warm. That’s You.”

Sounds appealing already!

They currently have a promo going on where every order from their website will have a sampler of You along with it.

Apart from You, Glossier also offers skincare products like the moisturizing face wash, rose water mist, moisturizers and face masks, and most lately, their Glossier Body Hero line of body wash and a body lotion.

There’s also light to medium coverage Stretch Concealer line, Wowder face powder, skin tints, lip stains, lip balms, and their range of highlighters and Cloud Paint blushes for a dewy, natural glow.

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