Giving Too Much Of Yourself In A Relationship


Can giving too much in a relationship, result to breakups and not getting married at all?

In an opinion piece, a writer identified only with her handle @peachkyss explores the thought on why some couples, despite having stayed so long together and probably already live with each other, don’t always get married.

“One reason could be like the old folks say, ‘If You Give Away The Milk Why Would He Buy The Cow?’ Well, what does that mean? It is basically saying that if you do everything that a spouse would do without the title, then why we would he/ she marry you?” she writes.

The writer agrees that while marriage might not always be for everyone, being part of a couple that’s basically going nowhere with the relationship poses a problem to those expecting to see a ring on their finger.

“Maybe you’ve already taken the first steps from moving in together to joint bank accounts, or in some cases having kids together, but if you are doing everything that a spouse does, why would the opposite party feel the need to move forward with the relationship?”

While others feel that marriage is just a formality between two people whose relationship already has them acting like a wedded couple, it can’t be denied that being officially married makes some documents especially where shared assets, or even children, a whole lot less complicated.

Marriage is a sacred unity between two individuals. Once you are married, the “I” becomes “we.” Just about everything you do would have to be discussed with your spouse to prevent arguments or disagreements. Like they say, “Happy Wife Happy Life.”

As with everything though, the best recourse is to talk with your partner to determine if the relationship will ever result in your becoming Mr. and Mrs, or if they’re just hanging around until a better one comes along.

“The conversation is needed from both parties. You want to make sure that you two are on the same page. If marriage is on your list and not theirs, then you need to discuss the next steps,” she wrote.


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