This Girl Who Slid Into Michael B. Jordan’s Inbox Is A Modern-Day Heroine


Who would have thought Michael B. Jordan would respond?

While you’re once again unblinkingly scrolling through Instagram and Twitter, wishing you could be friends with all these gorgeous, talented people who seem to only exist in our phones, one woman tried her luck and it worked!

According to Buzzfeed, 21-year old Sylvia Wilson, a junior at Temple University, heard that Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan, who plays villain Erik Killmonger to Chadwick Boseman’s King T’Challa, was filming at the campus, and she joked around with friends that she was going to DM him to ask to meet for a picture.
“It was hot, and I didn’t think it’d be appropriate to ask to buy him a drink, so I opted for a smoothie,” she tells BuzzFeed.

Sylvia added that Jordan replied she didn’t have to buy him anything, and even personally came to fetch her and her friends when they came to the location on campus after a little bit of back and forth with his security.
“He was so sweet and nice,” Sylvia said. “He was more than happy to take pictures with me and my friends that came with me!”
Sylvia’s comment section is more than swamped, with people inspired to ‘pull a Sylvia’ and message their fave personalities for a chance to hang out. But remember to keep it wholesome people!

A true inspiration, and the heroine we need in these times.


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