When Getting Along With Your SO’s Friends Is Hard


Relationships are hard enough, and while it’s tempting (but toxic) to isolate yourself with your SO (significant other), remember that he has a life and friends before you came into the picture, and if the two  of you are just starting out, do you have to get along with his friends too?

Blogger Peachkyss explores whether not liking his friends can be a deal breaker in a budding, amazing relationship.

A woman might not like her SO’s friends for varying reasons, and it’s perfectly fine for her to feel the way that she does, but an important part is communicating all of this to her partner.

“Relationships are about trust, understanding one another, and COMMUNICATION. The biggest deal breaker is the lack of communication from both parties,” writes Peachkyss.

The parties in question means you and your boo’s friend who you feel at odds with. As awkward as this situation might be, only you can be the one to communicate to your bae’s circle the reasons why you aren’t comfortable with them: when they’re around, does your partner start acting in a way unseen when it’s just the two of you? Are they messy? Annoying? And if you already live together, do they not respect the fact that it isn’t just their friends’ space, but also yours?

In the end, no one wants to feel like they have to choose between at-odds set of people that they love.

“Not liking your man’s friend could cause problems, especially if they are really close. Your bae is not going to know how to handle this situation, so they are going to encourage the two of you to communicate with one another to see if you can work it out. He doesn’t want to feel like he has to choose between the two of you because of your odds,” she said.

She advises that even if the scenario of talking to that friend who makes your blood boil can be awkward, painful even; you need to understand why you two don’t like each other.

“It could be something so small or petty that could easily be resolved. You don’t have to like one another but you should at least try to be cordial. At the end of the day, your man is who matters the most for both parties.”


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