Gal Gadot Wearing Flat Sandals During The ‘Wonder Woman’ Premiere Is Why We Love Her


Even Wonder Woman gets tired of high heels, which is why during this season’s biggest superhero film, Gal Gadot wearing flat sandals is the best red carpet moment ever.

By Hollywood standards, red carpet premieres are all about the glitz and glamour of wearing the most expensive designer dresses and shoes. But that did not stop Gal Gadot from doing whatever she wants because she is an Amazonian princess, get over it, you earthlings!

According to Gal Gadot, wearing flat sandals was her choice to break the trends.

gal gadot wearing flat sandals

“I want to create this trend of doing red carpets in flats,” Gal Gadot said. “I love wearing high heels, it’s beautiful, it’s sexy, whatever. But at the same time, especially stilettos, it puts us out of balance. We can fall any minute.”

The actress also enumerated the negative effects of wearing high heels in extended periods of time.

“It’s not good for our backs. Why do we do it? I can wear high heels (despite having a sprained back),” she said. “But I was like, ‘Let’s wear flats!’ I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

Gadot was wearing a $50 Aldo sandals during Wonder Woman’s Los Angeles premiere. She has also been seen wearing ballet shoes and sneakers in press junkets and other engagements.

Gadot, who is a former Israeli military member also wowed the world after it has been revealed she was 5 months pregnant while filming scenes for the DC Comics movie.

“On close-up I looked very much like Wonder Woman. On wide shots I looked very funny, like Wonder Woman pregnant with Kermit the Frog,” Gadot said of filming Wonder Woman while pregnant.

“[Gadot’s] pregnant during part of the movie, in a suit out in a field in the freezing cold in others,” Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins said. “There are so many things we asked her to do: Now do it on one foot. Now shout while you’re doing it. Now it’s raining in the freezing cold and you’ve lost your voice, go. Everyday it was a hilarious gauntlet and she would do it.”


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