Funny Thoughts About Having A Sunburn


You gotta admit, sunburns may burn but there are fun things about it, too.

Summertime will always be near and dear to me as it is my favorite season, but as I am a human-ghost hybrid, my pasty self can never seem to be protected enough from sunburn, no matter how much sun cream I slather on.

I was on Twitter the other night and well, for anybody else out there who are basically sheets of pasty white skin waiting for a cookin’, these gems on the Internet are for you:

Ryan Seacrest dishes some advice

Giving the sun some major shade

When we like stating the obvious

Tbh, a guilty pleasure as well

Summer, basically

50 Shades of White People, and some might have sunburn

Obvious, but funny

Oh thank God! Some actual good news. But don’t overdo it, of course.


No truer truth could have been truthed so immensely.


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