Fun And Flirty First Date Outfit Ideas


Running out of first date outfit ideas? We’ve been there, darling, and it’s a literal pain in the neck.

We put so much pressure on first dates partly because society does so but also because we’re scared of what we don’t know yet.

What if he’s obnoxious? What if he has bad taste in restaurants? What if you’re not his type? What if he’s not your type?

There are just some of the hundreds of fears that could crop up when on the verge of a first date. While we can’t do much about your nerves, here are some fun and flirty first date outfit ideas that might ease your worries.

One Shoulder Cape Jumpsuit, Miss Selfridge

first date outfit ideas

It’s edgy and it’s definitely for the fashion-forward Miss. This Miss Selfridge jumpsuit is perfect for any dressy restaurant and for a night out in the club.

Daisy Print Bralet, Top Shop

first date outfit ideas It’s cute and flirty — this bralet can be paired with a denim jacket or a bomb leather pants. Plus, you get to show off those abs you’ve been working on all spring.

Fluted Hem Dress, Mango

first date outfitsYou can never go wrong with black and flowers. This V-neck fluted hem dress is flowy and sweet and can be flattering for any body type.

Rope-Strapped Dress, Zara

first date outfit ideas 3

Remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie wore a “naked dress”? Well, this could be your version. If you’d like to show a little skin during your first date, this Zara dress is a classy and gorgeous way to do it.

Fit & Flare Dress, Nasty Gal


Taking a walk at a romantic, sunset-y boulevard or going to the aquarium? Either way, this summer dress both says “fun” and “flirty” and could even give you the confidence you need to go in for the goodnight kiss first.



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