When Friendships Don’t Reciprocate


What do you do when your friendships don’t reciprocate the geniune love you give?

We all come across crossroads at some point in our life, and it could be menial and petty (that new resto downtown or my lunchtime regular?!) to more major decisions that frankly, even the most adulty adult would rather not be in if they had a choice.

And unfortunately, one of these crossroads to come in your life will be whether to leave certain people behind as you journey toward self-growth, or attempt to be around their energy while you also try to focus and develop yours.

It’s a horrible thing of course to suddenly up and leave people, because it leaves a million questions unanswered and for sure, you would hate for the same thing to happen to you. So there are times you need to ask yourself the following:

Is this friendship genuine, and does it bring me joy?

Does the quality of our lives improve with each other’s friendship?

Does our friendship revolve around treating each other with respect, trust, and love?

If you’ve answered yet to all of the questions, congratulations! You’ve found a precious gem among regular pebbles, and it’s definitely a friendship worth keeping. Luckily for us we have technology to instantly connect us within a second even if you’re just in the same neighborhood or from thousands of miles away if you have to be apart from some time.

Now, if unfortunately you’ve found that the questions above are not in the positive, then it’s a time of self-evaluation. Does your friend only want to be around when there’s something in it for them, and it’s not your friendship? Does this person always make things about them whenever you want to talk about something important or something that is bothering you? Does this person not want to settle disagreements or petty fights right away, and let it drag on until they feel like making up?

Soul-sucking and energy draining right? And friendships, or any relationship for that matter, are not supposed to be like that. You should be glad to see this person, not find yourself forced to hang out with them.

It may have been fun, or cute, or entertaining, but there will come a time that you have to put your foot down and stop making excuses for their behavior toward you, just because they’ve applied the label of a ‘friend’ on themselves.

Take the time to consider it, and hightail it out of anything that no longer serves your growth, self-esteem, or reciprocates your love, respect, and friendship.


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