When You Realize Your Friends Feel Too Entitled


Feeling entitled. It seems our generation is branded with this — but I didn’t expect to see it, displayed, flagrant, through a close friend of mine.

We’ve all made grand plans that fall through at some point in our lives.

A trip, a party, that perfect proposal; sometimes circumstances just don’t permit the scenario you had in your heads.

I had a friend living abroad and through the magical tool that is instant messaging, we made grand plans to go on a tropical destination at his suggestion, because he was flying in soon for the holidays.

Mind you, my friend is still in school and financed by rich parents who, bless their hearts, don’t mind about his expenses because he’s only child.

I asked for a whole year planning because it would give me time to look for cheap seats, or a reasonable deal atleast, and save up some pocket money because hey, there wasn’t any offer on his part that he would take up some of the costs for his invite.

I don’t fault him for being very carefree, it’s just that whenever he flies in, I find myself going out of my way to take him around even though I don’t really need to, with the reason that he only comes here once in a while. And I make it a point too to never try to insinuate he take up some of the costs.

But throughout that year, I got promoted and started at my new job the month he was flying in. There were no good deals either on flights, so sadly, everything eventually didn’t go as planned.

So me and the other friends who’ve been invited to join message him about it, and he’s pissed.

I didn’t count on the reaction; I always thought he would be reasonable about circumstances not permitting us to follow through with what we’ d like to happen, because he always prided himself on being ‘the chill guy.’

And then I finally saw him for what he was: entitled and spoiled. Suddenly, all the times I’ve taken undue time off, the sleepless nights I would rather have spent on catching up with work, and the ingratitude; it really just blew my top off.

I told him then and there that the next time he decides to go on a vacation and ask favors, then he shouldn’t expect anything from me anymore. That was that.

And to this day, his pride, ingratitude, and selfishness makes him play the silent game. Two can play at that.


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