To The Friend I Used To Be Able To Talk About Anything To


To The Friend I Used To Be Able To Talk About Anything To:

Girl, I’d like to be able to get this out of the way before things get a little too real: I love you, but it’s no fun talking to you anymore.

See, I used to be able to talk about anything with you, and you would always be interested about it, but now, it’s not interesting to you unless you get to either relate it to yourself, or to your significant other.

Lately, it’s always been about what you and your boyfriend ate the other week, what you and your boyfriend are planning to buy, what your boyfriend might think about an opinion I asked you for, or what your family thinks about your boyfriend. Sometimes, I don’t even know how he got in the conversation when the topic was entirely about something else he wasn’t even in your life yet for.

I don’t know with you anymore lately; it’s like you lost your personality in favor of that of your man.

Please don’t call me bitter, or think I’m miserable; I’m quite happy with the relationship I’m in, and when I don’t tell you about the intimacies of it doesn’t meant that things aren’t going well. I don’t like to share, that’s all, no matter how many times you ask me what me and my boyfriend are up to.

It’s just that I miss your opinions, your ideas, hearing about your day. I respect your boyfriend and all, as I am sure he is great guy, but I don’t need to hear about him whenever we’re together, which is even getting rarer as of course, you’d rather spend time with him. Also, when we do get together, can you sometimes not bring him and make girl time as it should be? Girl time?

I’m very happy for you, and quite excited about your future, since you’ve bared you two have been making all these plans and I’m especially elated you want me to have a part in it.

But for now, while we’re still young, I’d like to hear about what you ate the other week and why you loved it or hated it, what you are planning to buy when there’s money for it, and your opinion on things. I miss that friend of mine who had a world of interests outside of her boyfriend.

I miss being able to talk with you about the fantastic and the mundane. I miss your individuality, and I miss when it was just us.

I love you my friend, but you’re becoming a bore.


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