Food For Your Skin: DIY Coconut Milk And Oil


One way or another, you’ve probably heard about how coconut milk and oil is a healthier, more natural alternative to nearly everything from food to skincare.

What exactly are coconut milk and oil anyway?

Both are products of extraction from the coconut meat, or the fleshy, white part lining the inside of a coconut when you crack it open.

Younger coconuts are greener and produce more coconut water (which is equally nutritious!), while older coconuts, which tend to get browner and have more rough, hair-like fibers, produce more coconut meat.

Coconuts have long been regarded as the ‘tree of life’ in areas where it grows abundantly, because from the meat and the juice, the husk of the coconut can also be turned into charcoal that people can then sell, the wood and large leaves of the tree have also been used from everything from house building to making furniture.

And the praise surrounding coconut oil isn’t all hype either; as according to clinical nutritionist Dr. Josh Axe, healthy medium-chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil take a shorter time to digest, so we can utilize for fuel earlier, which regulates our appetites.

Coconut oil contains Caprylic acid, Lauric acid, and Capric acid, and is also made up of healthy saturated fat.

Not to mention its topical use on the hair and skin, which generations of women have been using as a cheaper way to moisturize.

Have a gander at more of its benefits over here.

Coconut milk meanwhile, is a dairy-free alternative, and has a natural sweetness to it.

According to Dr. Axe, among the benefits of coconut milk include lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure, help build muscle, improves digestion, among others; and is a great thickener for some soups and sauces.

Read more about the praises heaped on coconut milk here.

But if you’ve always wanted to take a crack (lol) at making your own coconut milk and coconut oil, this video provides a step-by step, surprisingly easy process:

How to make fresh coconut oil and milk at home

How to make fresh coconut oil and milk at home 😚1 coconut 2 ways!

Posted by Beauty Within on Sunday, October 29, 2017

As you can see, it doesn’t take more than a pot and pan, a coconut, and some cheesecloth to get started with making your own products.

Coconut milk is also easy to add some flavoring to, while the coconut oil is good for a multitude of household and personal care uses.



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