Five Rules For Surviving Constrant Airplane Travel


Unless you’re a celebrity or someone with hella green to spend, or if you know, you fly on a private airplane, then you know that constantly being on flights isn’t exactly as glamorous as the paparazzi shots make it out to be.

There’s stale air; staler, expensive food, and you don’t necessarily want to know everything about your seatmate.

Into The Gloss knows how it is. Writer Emily  Ferber recommends these simple rules to help you survive your next long-haul flight, beauty and sanity intact:


Absolutely no makeup

“Not even tinted moisturizer?” you ask. No. Not even the odd dab here and there of concealer you’re planning in case you’re seated next to a total hottie who may or may not be The One.

“Makeup in that atmosphere will break you out; I don’t know why, but it will. Wear a hat and glasses and a big blanket shawl if you’re trying to cover something up,” advises Ferber. Or why not pack along some…


Pimple patches

“Not only do the hydrocolloid bandages somehow manage to suck the life-force out of pimples without leaving a trace, but they blur redness and scabs while you’re wearing them,” said Ferber. Stick a bunch on some popped zits to let the patches do their thing, and wake up hours later to calmer zits.

Wet Ones

There are just some fixes that a fancy hand sanitizer can’t give, namely, that clean as hell feeling that comes from a physical wipe. No matter how bulky, or irritatingly crunchy the packaging gets when you’re fumbling around with it that it feels like even the captain knows you’re pulling out a wipe, pack some Wet Ones. Thank us later.

Compression socks

You ever been on a more than 6 hour flight that your ankles and calves start hurting or feeling swollen? The instant fix might just be in your grandma’s closet.

“Compression socks are chic now,” declares Ferber.

The compression socks help preventing the swollen feeling as the tightness of the nylon keeps your circulation in check and your lymph from pooling in any one place.


One more water bottle than you think you need

While there are some angelic flight attendants who will fill up (for free!) that Smart Water bottle you brought along, for the most part, don’t count on it. So bring two.

“It’ll encourage you to drink more (you bought two for a reason) and keep your skin from going from shriveled mess to oily mess to pimply mess. See it as a challenge. Finish both and your shoulder bag just got a hell of a lot lighter. The arrivals terminal will feel like a breeze.”


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