How It Feels To Grow Apart


Sometimes we grow with friends, sometimes we grow apart.

Does distance really make the heart grow fonder? What if sometimes you just feel ignored outright? For context, my friend group and I are all in our twenties, and luckily we’ve hurdled a lot since high school; but there’s always that one friend in every group who you are closer to, and lately for me, I feel ignored by her.

I understand we all have our busy lives, and I look to those posts assuring me that the mature types of friendships are those that seem to always pick up right where you left off whenever you link up again.

But lately, one of my closest friends, let’s call her Fran, has been AWOL for more than five months.

Calls and texts go unanswered, social media messages are left on read or outright not opened at all, and I can’t even recall the last time we had a proper conversation.

Go visit her house then, it’s pretty easy, you roll your eyes and say; but she is the type who hates getting ‘ambushed’ at her house, the introvert that she is. And she isn’t answering calls or messages, remember?

At what point is it simply brushed off as she’s just busy, to feeling that she is ignoring me, us, outright?

I think that while distance does make the heart grow fonder, this doesn’t mean that either party forgoes communication entirely; a hello or asking how their day is going won’t hurt.

I am not sure if I can ever get to the bottom of her actions recently, because as curious as I am and as hurt as I might feel, maybe there’s a reason she’s distancing herself.

But as for myself and my needs, and that of our friend group, I do feel we are growing apart.



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