Fashion Mistakes You Shouldn’t Commit In Your 40’s


Your 40’s is a milestone that many women are afraid of – they’re afraid to look “too old” for certain things like clothes. But let’s get one thing straight here: Fashion is transcendental. And if you let your age get in the way of your self-expression (in the form of fashion), then you’ll forever be enslaved by the expectations that society has set upon women like you.

So, forget about the do’s and don’ts that most magazines will tell you and listen to these “fashion mistakes” instead and swear never ever to do these to yourself.

Never Be Too Afraid To Wear A Bikini

Sure, your boobs may not be as perky as they used to be or your stretch marks from giving birth of gaining and losing weight over the years seem unsightly to you but the truth is, no one will ever be as judgmental about it than you. Be kind to yourself and focus on your happiness. If wearing a bikini is what makes you happy, then do it! This is no time to care about other people’s opinions about your body because the only opinion that should matter to you is your own.

Never Be Afraid Of Following The Trends

So you wish you can wear skinny jeans but you’re too afraid of the muffin top and your thighs. Let’s get something straight – every body is beautiful. Every. Body. The difference between looking good and looking hideous in any clothing is confidence. Wear it like you mean it and no one will question you for your fashion choices.

Never Forget The Classics

Of course, where there are days when you want to follow the trends, you should also invest in the classsics – a crisp white shirt, a pair of denim pants, a little white dress and a pair of black high heels. These classics make you look stunning without much effort.

Never Be Afraid Of Accessories

Whether it’s a pair of white gold hoops, a string of pearls or a crystal necklace, accessories can make your outfits more interesting. Even on lazy days when you just want to wear mom jeans and a ratty old shirt from your university, an accessory can make the difference between looking like a slob or a laid-back, chic fashion vixen.

Never Be Too Afraid To Smile

They say the best thing you can wear is a smile and indeed, that’s true. Every now and then, don’t forget to smile at a stranger and let the beauty within you resonate outside. Smile when you feel like it — you’ll instantly look 100 times more fashionable.


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