Fans Mourn Sudden Death Of Cranberries Singer Dolores O’Riordan


Responsible for your favorite karaoke hits Zombie and Linger, Dolores O’ Riordan, lead singer of Irish rock band The Cranberries, died suddenly in London. She is 46.

Her publicist Lindsey Holmes said the singer was recording in London at the time, and that no further details would be available yet as the family is understandably devastated at her sudden passing.

The Cranberries were first brought together in Limerick, mid west Ireland at the end of the 1980s, and their songs got them international status as they were recognized for fusing alternative rock edge with a distinctly Celt pop tunefulness.

According to this report, even Irish President Michael D. Higgins gave his salutations to O’ Riordan and recognized their band’s great influence to a generation of music lovers not just in their native Ireland, but worldwide.

“To all those who follow and support Irish music, Irish musicians and the performing arts, her death will be a big loss,” he said in a statement.

O’Riordan was The Cranberries’ chief lyricist and co-songwriter, and her distinct, nearly shrill voice was often said to be a key factor to the band’s unique sound.

Following news of her death, fans poured out their grief online.

The Cranberries released their debut album in 1993 titled “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” which sold millions of copies and produced the hit single “Linger.”

They followed it up with “No Need to Argue,” which sold in even greater numbers, and contained the immortal “Zombie,” their protest against Northern Ireland’s troubles at the time, but went on to top singles charts in several countries.

The band released three more studio albums before splitting up in 2003.

O’Riordan released a solo album, “Are You Listening,” in 2007, and another, “No Baggage,” in 2009.

The members of The Cranberries reunited that year, releasing the album “Roses” in 2012.

But it wouldn’t be all roses in the coming years, as in 2014, O’Riordan was accused of assaulting three police officers and a flight attendant during a flight from New York to Ireland. She pleaded guilty and was fined 6,000 euros ($6,600). She was also found to be mentally ill at the time of the case, and urged other people suffering from mental illnesses to seek help.

A European and North American tour in 2017 was cut short too because of her back problems.

O’Riordan is survived by her ex-husband, former Duran Duran tour manager Don Burton, and their three children.


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