Why Face Masking Is God’s Gift To Mankind


Imagine this: It’s a Sunday night, you’re at home, and after the dinner dishes have been put away, what else is there left to do? That’s right.

Pamper time!

And while we all love a good splurge at a spa, there is just something about having your own spa day at home that makes it all the more enjoyable, because a) You get to be in your underpants, and b) Snacks are never more than a hand’s reach away.

That said, face masking is one of the ways we like to feel spoiled, and with a myriad of options out on the market, there’s bound to be one that will answer a specific need: dry skin issues, acne, or you just want to look hella glowy, here are some of our favorites:

This vegan, eco-conscious company has so many to choose from, you might want to multi-mask! But we love the Mask of Magnaminty for a skin pick-me-up, especially after a long week.


It’s a fact that Korean skincare is known and copied worldwide, and they seem to have it down to a science: cute packaging plus effective product? Consider it bought! The Black Sugar Wash Off Mask has become a States-side favorite because of its exfoliating and moisture-retaining powers, not to mention you juuust might want to lick some of it off.


A drugstore staple, this ever reliable brand has entered the masking game with three variants made to target specific skin concerns.


You’ve seen it all over your social media feeds, and for good reason: this stuff really works. Attacked a bad breakout with this concoction for four nights straight, and while it was tedious, by the end of the week my redness had disappeared, and my pores looked and felt tighter!

Most people recommend to mix it with apple cider vinegar, but if that’s too strong for you, water will do just fine.


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