Eyelash Extensions Don’t Have To Be The Stuff Of Nightmares


Click on a link about eyelash extensions, and along with articles singing its praises, come the ones which are cautionary tales.

But if you’ve ever thought about getting extensions on your own lashes, since hey, we all have our vanities and looks we want to achieve that having falsies just won’t cut, eyelash extensions don’t have to be the stuff of nightmares, if you do your work on finding out the right salon and licensed professional to do yours for you.

But while we’re on the subject of underscoring exactly how important it is to make sure the expersts you’re going to are legit, consider this story over at Refinery29: a woman walked into Australian salon Emmaculate Beauty asking for a touch-up on her extensions. But when salon owner and technician Emma Dhanjal went to check them out, she discovered inflamed, infected skin that just looked bad, enough to make her wonder why the customer put up with it for so long in the first place.

“Her natural lashes are sooooo damaged from the place she has been having her lashes done, they were falling out when I touched them with the tweezers,” Dhanjal wrote in a Facebook post, which has since been deleted.

“This should NEVER ever happen to your lashes. Please do not be scared of having lash extensions applied, if you do your research and go to the right place your lash extensions can be applied for years and years without having a break.”

Elizabeth Diaz, senior lash artist for Pucker at Spruce & Bond in New York City added that experienced and licensed lash technicians go through years of rigorous training to ensure the best quality and safety of work.

“A certification is not a license — please know the difference,” said Diaz.

Even the government has stepped in on monitoring the practice, with the Food and Drug Administration reminding people that eyelids are highly delicate and sensitive areas of the face.

Diaz said that salons should be able to provide hypoallergenic options for the adhesive used on the lashes.


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