Emotional Cheating vs. Physical Cheating: Which Is The Worst?


If you’re someone who has looked physical cheating square in the eyes, then you probably think it’s the worst in the world but hear us when we say emotional cheating can be as devastating.

Okay, so first, a definition of terms: Physical cheating is when your significant other has sex with other people while you’re together without any emotional attachment to that person. At the end of the day, their loving feelings will be towards you (this is a debatable issue, though).

Meanwhile, emotional cheating is a different thing. It’s when your S.O. has loving/ pining feelings for other people but they don’t act on it. They just secretly love someone but at the same time, is in a relationship with you.

So which is the worst? Being emotionally cheated on or being physically cheated on?

“Attraction can grow, you know, once you’ve had sex with someone.”

“For me, it’s when your partner acts on their emotions and desires that hurts most. I know some guys say they can have sex with someone else without feelings attached. But to have sex with someone, you need to have at least some amount of attraction. And that attraction can grow, you know, once you’ve had sex with someone.”

– Lili Chang, 21, Boston

“You should never have to beg for someone to love you.”

“I’ve been cheated on emotionally and it can really drive you nuts. You see him beside you but sometimes he feels so detached and far away from you, especially when his ‘crush’ or his ex is around or whoever the f*** that person is. You should never have to beg for someone to love you. You should never have to fight for someone’s attention. You deserve better.”

– Gwen Harkfield, 18, Kansas City

“Is it all worth the pain?

“My boyfriend was a physical cheater through and through. We’ve broken up so many times over the past two years. There came a point when I just had it. I’ve had enough and was ready to move on with my life without him. But we keep coming back to eachother. He keeps telling me I’m the one but he’s got commitment issues. If this is the kind of relationship you have, you have to ask yourself, ‘Is it all worth the pain?’ For me, it is. But that doesn’t mean other people have to be stuck with that person.”

– Mark Garcia, 27, New Jersey


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