What Ed Sheeran’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Cameo Means


[SPOILER ALERT] Okay, so Ed Sheeran appeared on the premiere episode of Game of Thrones season 7 entitled, “Dragonstone.” What did his song mean?

If you’ve watched the season premiere on Sunday night and also a resident of this universe, then you’ve probably joined in on all the internet debacle involving British singer Ed Sheeran and his brief appearance in a scene of Game of Thrones. 

In the scene where Arya passes by a group of Lannister soldiers while in the forest, she hears a song and stops by to chat because Ned Stark probably never taught her never to talk to strangers.

And who, you might ask was singing the song? ED. FRIGGIN. SHEERAN.


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He was singing the words of Hands of Gold, a song that was originally from the book by George R.R. Martin.

Hands of Gold (Lyrics)

He rode through the streets of the city,

Down from his hill on high,

O’er the wynds and the steps and the cobbles,

He rode to a woman’s sigh.

For she was his secret treasure,

She was his shame and his bliss. 

And a chain and a keep are nothing,

Compared to a woman’s kiss

For hands of gold are always cold,

But a woman’s hands are warm.

So what do these words mean?

In A Storm of Swords, the third novel in GRRM’s Song of Ice and Fire series from which the HBO series is based on, a singer named Symon Silver Tongue knew of Tyrion Lannister’s illicit affair with prostitute, Shae.

Symon used the song to blackmail Tyrion, threatening to reveal his secret relationship with a prostitute. Tyrion then had Symon killed to prevent the secret from spreading.

Of course, we all know what happened after – Tyrion found out Shae was sleeping with his father, Tywin Lannister, Tyrion kills Shae with a golden chain and shoots an arrow at his father because he deserved to die. Seriously.

But those details didn’t matter and people barely noticed because honestly, they were distracted by the fact that ED FRIGGIN SHEERAN was there, looking like a Weasley but dressed as a Lannister.

Following the episode, Ed Sheeran deleted his Twitter account without a word. Some fans alleged that Sheeran may have quit the social media site because of all the hate he has been getting after his cameo.

This comes as no surprise because the singer had previously spoken out about turning off all his social media before.

“I go on it and there’s nothing but people saying mean things,” Sheeran said. “Twitter’s a platform for that.”


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