Dustin From ‘Stranger Things’ Is The Most Adorable Thing On This Planet


If you’re a fan of Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will, then you’ve probably already binge-watched the new season of Stranger Things the moment it came out, and are already probably wondering what to do with you life.

To make looking forward to their future in acting even more, we train the light on Gaten Matrazzo, actually the most adorable person ever, and not just because he frequently set the comic tone in most of his scenes on Stranger Things.

His star is one that is just shining brighter and brighter, and it only adds to his charm that he is refreshingly honest about his struggles, including a rare genetic disorder called leidocranial dysplasia, a which caused him to be born without collar bones, adversely affecting his facial, skull and teeth development.

He even actually incorporated that explanation to a school bully in the first season of Stranger Things.

Gaten was born on September 8, 2002 in New Jersey, and aside from acting, he’s also one heck of a singer, having acted on a stage play production of Les Miserables as a young child, and even sang the National Anthem at a baseball game!

Talk about being multi-talented.

Watch him and his fellow Stranger Things actors: Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp strut their stuff and sing a medley of hit tunes in a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden:

Uuuuugh talk about adorable! Gaten also addresses his fans with a signature “Yo dudes!” during appearances, and is a literal angel in interviews, probably.

We’re glad the young actor hasn’t figured into any trouble as of late, and pray it continues to be that way.

Peep his updates, insights into his daily life, and him just generally being a teener trying to navigate his way through Hollywood over at his Twitter.  


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