Everyone’s Got Jokes About Dua Lipa For Breaking Her ‘New Rules’


In the bop entitled New Rules, singer Dua Lipa sings about not letting past loves come back in again through a set of, well, rules; that she endeavors listeners to follow.

First, don’t pick up the phone when he’s calling, second, don’t let him in when he comes to visit, and three, try not to be his friend anymore because you might get stuck in a manipulative cycle, as the song goes.

But over the weekend, she may broken her own set of rules.

The Daily Mail reported that after calling it quits with musician and LANY frontman Paul Klein, the Blow Your Mind (Mwah) singer is already back in contact with her ex-boyfriend, model Isaac Carew.


The Daily Mail apparently spoke with a source close to the 22- year old singer, adding that the split made Dua Lipa ‘think about Isaac.’

“’She has been messaging him again but she has been out of the country for the last few weeks so they haven’t seen each other,’ the source said.
So with the what happened and how it’s apparently turning out, people have been making the same New Rules jokes:

But some people think the breakup will just lead to some fire tunes from both musicians:

Neither camp have confirmed the news though, but who’s to say rules can’t be broken?


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