Dream Interpretation: 3 Of Your Steamiest Sex Dreams Decoded



From time to time, in the middle of our humdrum lives, we fall asleep and fall into a steamy, sometimes weird, sex dream. Everyone has experienced at least one hot pick-me up in their sleep (whether we want to admit it or not).

Although sometimes we interpret dreams as the way they appear, the Freudian approach to dream interpretation is to look at its cryptic images and its “latent content. To find out the meaning for that hot shower session with your boss in your dreams, one has to look at an object or person’s symbolism and the dreamer’s potential hidden urges.

Here we look at 5 common sex dreams that you might have experienced and their possible meanings.

1) Having Sex In A Public Place

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You can’t deny it – having sex in a public place is exciting (even though you’ve only done it in a dream). Sometimes the location is even more exciting than the person you’re doing it with.

According to dream psychologist Lauri Loewenberg, geographical locations symbolize certain aspects of your life such as your circle of friends, your career, your family or your love life.

“The public location would symbolize some part of your life that everyone knows about,” Loewenberg told Cosmopolitan.

So if you’re dream is about having sex at a café where you and your friends usually meet, it could mean that you’re pre-occupied with all the drama within your circle of friends or it could mean you simply miss your besties.

2) Having Sex With Your Boss or Co-Worker


Having a sex dream about a boss or co-worker is quite common among career-driven women. Sometimes, doing the deed with your boss in your dreams could mean you need to take on a leadership role in your job or perhaps work with a person in a superior position on a big project to satisfy your subconscious need for recognition or fulfillment.

Meanwhile, sex with a co-worker could mean you need to be more in touch with your colleagues (not necessarily the person you dreamt about) or that you are subconsciously considering the benefits of getting closer to them outside of work.

3) Having Sex With A Celebrity


It is not uncommon to have a sex dream about a celebrity. Most of the time, this is just your crush towards a certain actor or musician manifesting itself into your dreams (we’re thinking Ryan Gosling or Dave Franco).

However, if your sex dream was about a random celebrity that you don’t even find attractive, this could mean there is a certain quality about that celebrity that you need to cultivate in your life or recognize within yourself.

Dreamt about Seth Rogen? Maybe you want to make someone laugh or develop your sense of humor. Dreamt about Bob Marley? Maybe you need to tend to your inner musician.


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