It’s Drawing A Fine Line In Your Life


You might come across various advice to allow people from various aspects of your life to intersect, but sometimes, it can get messy, which is why you have to draw a fine line.

Sure, you can make great friends if you opened up more at work, but then if your ‘office friends’  join your regular friends, then they join your family circle, and a host of other various circles in your life, it can start to feel a little invasive sometimes, and it’s perfectly alright to start to feel that way.

Whether you work in a traditional office setting or living that digital nomad lifestyle, it’s okay to want to set lines in your life where you feel it works best for you.

The people at work don’t always have to join your childhood / school friends and vice versa on a night out, or your gym friends don’t always have to know what’s going on with your family and hang out with that hot cousin of yours all the time.

Setting lines for these groups of people is OK, we repeat, it’s OK.

It doesn’t make you selfish, or secretive, or strange, it simply means you value your worth to want to limit how people come in and out of your life for your own health.

Admit it, you can stand certain types of people only in certain scenarios, but take them out of it, and you’re itching to throw hands, you know?

You may find that Karen from Accounting makes a great wine date on Wednesday nights, but if that’s all you see her in your life, don’t be afraid to set that line; because Karen sure probably isn’t afraid of doing the same thing.

Remember, you are the captain of your life’s ship, you steer your own course, etcetera etcetera, so it should then follow that you get to decide who gets to come along for the ride.



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