Don’t Wish Them A ‘Nice Day,’ Wish Them A Day They Deserve


We regularly wish someone to have a nice day, usually without much thought or intention behind it.

It’s just something we say to customers or guests as they are leaving, and usually a way to end an interaction.

But in these trying times, where the political atmosphere is as divisive as ever, there are still injustices perpetuated on the most vulnerable members of society, and fucking Nazis still exist; would you really want to keep barking out for people to have a nice day when they could be the shittiest person to walk the earth?

Wish someone a day they deserve instead; you know, let karma sort it out for them in the end.

It’s sneakily petty, but it makes a lot of sense. The saying “What goes around, comes around” still holds true one way or another, really, and it’s quite liberating to let the universe handle someone’s just desserts.

You know you don’t really play a part in whatever a person does in their life that might turn out to be a huge detriment for others, but still, the sense of responsibility that comes when you realize we are all living in a vast global community, where the actions of one impacts another; is gargantuan.

So sometimes, take a load off your shoulders and don’t wish someone a good day only for it to end up as a bad one for another person; wish them a day they deserve.

It’s a liberating feeling, and while it takes away from being an empathic person, we can’t all worry about someone’s good day.

Don’t take it either that you’re implying something ill towards the person, after all, that’s their take on it.

You’re just wishing them a day they deserve, and let them hope it’ll be a good one depending on how they act.


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